How to Use QR Codes with Google Analytics

Oct, 2021

QR codes are everywhere, from restaurant menus to flyers and even in digital advertising. They are a great way to present a complex URL in a way that the majority of people can interact with. While that is a major benefit, there is another advantage that most people do not fully utilize. You can build links that trigger events in Google Analytics. This means that you can see exactly how many people scanned the QR code that you built. So, here is how to use QR codes with Google Analytics. We have used these trackable QR codes on-brand banners, real estate signage, and digital advertising.

So, the first step on how to use QR codes with Google Analytics is to build your trackable link.

Google makes this easy! They developed a Campaign URL builder. Here, you can enter in the specific information about what campaign the code will be used, in what medium the code will be presented (print, social media, etc.), and then the specific source (Facebook ad, realtor sign, etc.).

The next step is to find a QR code builder.

There are several options from paid to free. Our favorite is QR Code Generator, but a quick Google search will reveal that there are dozens of options. The benefit of the one we shared is there are tons of custom styling options that you can choose from. Additionally, you can add logos to the design as well (see below).

One feature of these QR code builders to be aware of is dynamic QR codes. There are generally two options when building QR codes, dynamic and static. Static QR codes are built using the destination link that you create and insert into the builder. They are often more complex. Dynamic QR codes are built using a shortened link within the builder, that serves as a redirect to your destination link.

Dynamic Visual Example

Static Visual Example

The benefit of dynamic QR codes is that they often have tracking metrics shown in the builder platform and that the destination can be changed. Be cautious, if you use a dynamic QR code and use it on a banner or anything printed and you change any settings of the dynamic QR code, the link may break, and the QR code will no longer function.

The last step is to set up events in Google Analytics.

There is a ton of great information on this topic, so check out this article or video for complete details on how to track URL-driven campaigns in Google Analytics. This is the final step in showcasing how to use QR codes with Google Analytics