Branding: Expectations vs. Reality

Oct, 2021

Branding can sometimes be difficult to understand and take hold of for you or your organization. It’s always good to start off by ensuring we all define “brand” the same way. Most expect branding to do with your logo, mission statement, colors, etc. While it is partially, it encompasses much more than that.

A brand is a combination of the following:

  • Your view of yourself of your organization
  • The elements (name, logo, colors, etc.) that define your brand
  • What does your audience think about your brand (your reputation)?

When working on a brand, it’s most important to remember that your customers’ experiences and thoughts shape the reality of your brand. It is key to consistently work with your audience to learn more about their understanding of your brand.

There are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Does my view of my brand match that of my audiences?
  • Does my content reinforce this brand or contradict it?
  • What does my audience expect from this brand?

These questions are great starting points when thinking about branding and your organization. Branding is playing the long game, working with each client to create positive experiences, and then repeating that with others. We will close with this. Think of Nike and Hyatt Hotels. Image Nike launches a new hotel, we bet you can imagine what it would look like, how the building would be decorated (with a sweet fitness center), and how the staff would treat you. Now, think about if Hyatt Hotels launched a clothing line. This is brand.

Now that you have identified your brand. It’s time to create a brand deck. What is a brand deck? It’s a presentation that will help you share who you are with others, and get them excited about your brand!